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2001-11-28 6:21 p.m.

So, on our way back from Crescent City, Andie and I just had to eat at Taco Man one more time.

Our meal consisted of:

1) Chicken Macho Nachos
2) Chicken Quesadilla
3) Chicken Soft Taco
4) Chicken Taco
5) Side of Guacamole
6) Large Diet Pepsi (2)

After the meal, I hit up the restroom before we set out on our journey back to San Francisco. It turned out that the glory of Taco Man did not stop with its food: I was amazed by what I saw in the restroom. The restroom was simply astounding—clean, well–equipped, and nice–smelling. It had two soap dispensers, one with liquid soap, and one with hand sanitizer. It had three, yes THREE, paper towel dispensers. [It had ZERO of those stupid hot air hand dryers that I hate.] There was even one of those little machines that shot out metered bursts of air freshener every few minutes. Taco Man clearly boasted the best fast–food restroom of all times.

Observe: Toilet covers, paper towel dispenser #1, shiny mirror, soap and sanitizer dispensers, immaculate toilet and sink, and good smell sprayer under the sink.

Paper towel dispensers #2 and #3.

I think we were very eager to get home quickly, since the only real stop we took on the drive home was a visit to the popular tourist trap, "The Trees Of Mystery". The trees were in fact very beautiful and mysterious. There were all sorts of trees: rain soaked trees, wet trees drenched in rain, cold waterlogged trees, freezing sopping trees, etc. Next time I would like to visit there when it is not raining and cold, so as to see some other kinds of trees.

We took a scary tram from the mysterious trees up to the top of the mountain. The view was beautiful from "Ted's Ridge".

Who is Ted? Why did he hire such an extravagant signmaker?

Ted was a smart guy. His ridge was rad! Best of all, there was a beautiful view of Andie there.