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2002-03-25 11:39 a.m.

Skot and I outside Chipotle, my new favorite place for Mexican food.

I instant messaged with Skot today. Here another perfect example of how I always get carried away and take things too far. I need to learn some moderation. Like a freight train without brakes. I should have just quit while I was ahead. I should really know better by now. But, within seconds it was already too late and it all just degraded into the usual. I wish I could say I was surprised with my behaviour.


Skot: justin!

Justin: What are you doing for lunch? Wanna eat with me?

Justin: Maybe Chipotle?

Skot: I was just thinking last night about how I want to eat chipotle again

Justin: See what I mean? Doesn't it sound wonderful and glorious?

Skot: truely.

Justin: And we can rub the food all over our faces and into our eyes instead of eating it.

Skot: truly rather

Justin: And it will burn in such a peaceful, and comfortable way.

Skot: yeah, I'm not hungry, I just want a burritoBath

Justin: Like being in the womb.

Justin: Floating in embryonic fluid, except when examined closely, each tiny molecule of the warm, comforting liquid is made of fiery hot Chipotle salsa and broiled chicken pieces.

Skot: seriously justin, that is just silly.

Skot: for the love of god.

Justin: Even more naked than a spider which has just shed its protective exoskeleton, we will lay prostate on their immaculately clean tables, every inch of our physical manifestations covered with tortillas and delicately shredded cheese and guacamole until it seems that even the most deep and locked away recesses of our memories is completely and totally smeared with Mexican food—our very souls will reek of grilled chiles and beans and onions throughout this life and lives to come.

Justin: And then we will start shoving fistfuls of food in our asses and then vomit into each others mouths as we commit public food art suicide.

Justin: Ok, maybe not the last part, but everything else for sure.

Skot: public food art suicide is the lastest rage with the youths

Skot: ever since the latest N*Sync video