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2002-07-10 8:26 a.m.

Recently someone read my Twin Towers Necklace entry and they emailed me this link.

I thought about it and replied with the following. While I happened to make reference to the city of New York, I believe that anyone can replace New York with the name of their own city and the sentiment will remain intact. Try it with Marrakech or Rome or Mexico City or Johannesburg instead of New York...
It must be hard being a New Yorker these days, always pretending to care that those many thousands of people died, even though the majority of New Yorkers spent their whole life wishing other New Yorkers were dead each time they passed one on the street, rode the subways, fought for a taxi, hurried to work, waited in line, or whatever. The people of New York City spent their whole lives earning a reputation as being callous, insensitive, and cold to the people around them they acted as if their neighbors were dead even when they were still alive. And now they try to make up for it by feigning sadness and social commitment?

Or are they sincere? I really have no idea maybe they really mean it this time. Maybe they are not the boy who cried wolf. Maybe it took a major tragedy such as that to enlighten the inhabitants of New York city to the reality that they are legendary throughout the entire world as the biggest, most notorious, harshest jerks in the United States quite a feat considering the stiff competition in a nation where empathy starves. Maybe this is what it will take to melt their hearts.

I don't know. I am not an expert on this subject at all. All I know is that I want to swim in a sea of melted hearts, where eyes meet and empathy reigns and the devotion to love and connection renders law obsolete.