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2002-11-20 11:14 p.m.

Christoffer Lundquist and a whole bunch of tubes and knobs and cables and such.

Today is the beginning of day 2 in the studio. Already we have decided upon the key of 6 songs and recorded the basic guitar tracks for No Truth Anymore, Never Go Back Again, Lullaby, and Fly Away. Lullaby was exceedingly difficult to play with a click, so Christoffer recorded tambourine and piano tracks that I used as my tempo source instead. This allowed me to play more fluidly and without hesitation. With only a simple click there is too much pressure during the spaces between the beat divisions. Other instruments allow a more natural feel for me.

From left to right: vintage RCA mic, AKG ribbon mic, AKG D12, Neumann U47. In background: Justin with acoustic guitar.

Recording the acoustic guitar tracks for No Truth Anymore was the most fun, simply because I had so many mics in front of me while Christoffer listened to find the best one. I felt like a dictator during the 1970's, preparing to give an important speech into a cloud of microphones of various shape, size, and vintage.

This is a blurry picture of the world's largest meal: äggakaga. I put my hand next to it to try to give a sense of perspective to it—this is a lot of food. I tried to take quite a few pictures of the äggakaga, but none of them really came out well. I think that the äggakaga was so large and that its massive gravity field interfered with the functionality of my camera.

We ate dinner at a place in Sjöbo, the nearest town to Christoffer's town, Vallarum. With less than 10 houses, Vallarum is barely a village. At the restaurant in Sjöbo I ate something called äggakaga med skinka och lingon. Basically it was a 10 egg soufflé with landing–strip sized pieces of bacon on top of it. It came with an earthenware bowl full of lingonberry sauce. At 105 kr ($10.50 USD) it was a stellar value, seeing as it was more than enough food for 3 people. How will I keep my girlish figure if I continue to eat this way?