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2002-11-23 1:49 a.m.

This is the house I sleep at. It is more of a cottage than a house. Actually, I wouldn't really know, since all I do there is fall into bed and sleep. You can also see the Volvo that I get to drive. This car is special because, unlike any modern Volvo in the USA, it has a manual transmission.

I had really hoped to update my web site more frequently during this trip, but it is just not possible with our grueling work schedule. I wake up at 12 noon and begin recording at 12:30. We take a few short breaks for food and then finish up about 2 AM each night. I drive my own personal white Volvo the 2 km to my cottage and then crash out immediately. Next day: repeat schedule of previous day.

Across from my cottage is a field. In the field are these strange, stark white objects. You can not tell from the photo, but they are about 5 feet tall. They look like snowballs from outer space or salt licks from the movie "Super Sized Cows Of Death Vol. 4". Christoffer later explained to me that these are in fact bales of hay wrapped in plastic to preserve them through the long, stupid, spurty wintertime.

The rigorous schedule has payed off. We have completed all the basic tracks for six songs—bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, zither, and piano.

I guess my songs are kinda tough to play on guitar. I can't even play them quite right. Christoffer spent an hour splicing together various bits of my guitar part from Everyday is Roses to get it just right. Wow. Splicing. It has been about ten years since I spliced tape.

It seems funny to me to be working in such a brutally analog domain, considering my deep involvement with computer–based digital recording for so many years now. What a contrast from my day to day life this is! I mean, what would happen if word got out that someone working on the audio team at Apple Computer (and an ex–Opcode employee) was making an album on not one but two 2" tape machines slaved together? The horror!

On the floor at the right you can see the aftermath of the splicing procedure—tape waste destined for the Swedish landfill. Christoffer suggested that I bring it home as a souvenir. If you want a piece of it, please send me an email with your mailing address.

This evening we finished the background vocal arrangements and recordings for Lullaby. The harmonies sounds so lush—sort of like a mega–pop collision between the Beach Boys and Brainpool.

My brain is too tired to think anymore. Sleeping.