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2003-01-22 10:48 a.m.

Lots of stuff going on. Been sick—some strange combination of both sore throat and stomach ache. That has not kept me from a grueling schedule of commuting two hours a day, working eight hours, and then having dinner out at a different restaurant with a different person each night. Sick or not, that is the life I like to live. Well, all of it except for working at the corporate cock–sucking job part of it (with no raise after two years).

In other fun news, Andie and I are going to LA this weekend go to a book signing party for some Holly's Burning Man book, Drama In The Desert. My main goals are to hang out with Andie, have fun, and to visit Glenn Campbell and co., and Tim Walker and co. The burning sore throat will not stop me!

I offered to spray the receptionist with my "red" flavored fast–acting throat spray on the way in to work, but she said no. Don't people know how to have fun? I have a hunch she may have just been showing me her coy side?pretending to say no when she really meant yes. I think I may go spray her with it and see how she reacts.

I just finished reading Fast Food Nation and it blew my mind. After that exposé of the fast food industry, you better believe I am not setting foot into a fast food joint or eating beef ever again. Then, I started The Lust Lizard of Pine Cove. (I think that is the name.) It is entertaining in the way that The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is entertaining.

These books have made me realize that reading may not suck as much as I previously thought it did. I think it is just reading things on the internet that sucks. The internet is just so dull. And online diaries are the worst. Sure I love to write in mine, but reading them is just so boring. I think this is because people don't post naked (or interesting) pics of themselves.

Then again, I am not naked in this picture, so that makes me boring, too. But, at least I am wearing a suit (which is far naughtier than something as neutral as being naked) and I have a large, rubber penis attached to my index finger.