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2003-02-24 9:49 a.m.

This may be the most brilliant email correspondence that I have experienced in many years. I especially like the creative alternating capital and lower case reply to name. Now that is original! Her final email at the bottom is really the best—literature at its finest.

From: ~CuTe -n- AdOrAbLe~ <>
Date: Sun Feb 16, 2003 6:29:33 AM US/Pacific
To: kartrinka AT, annerox AT, justin AT, winged_writer_pixie AT, jesus_in_a_bottle AT, donnie AT
Subject: Please read

Hey guys...i came across ur diary and wuz wonderin if we could add eachother's diaries 2 our buddy list that way we can read eachothers everytime we update. Ive had my diary 4 a pretty long time now, and it should be real hard picking up in the middle of nowhere, but if u read the last 5 or 6 enteries and continue 2 read my diary everytime i update it (which is every day) then you'll catch on in no time. I'll do the same 2 urs. Holla back if u think this is an ok idea so we can start adding eachother 2 our buddy lists.........Thanx.

From: Justin Winokur Grace <justin AT>
Date: Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:05:27 AM US/Pacific
To: <>
Subject: Re: Please read

Go nuts. It's public, so you are totally welcome to add me to your faves list.

Best wishes,


From: ~CuTe -n- AdOrAbLe~ <>
Date: Wed Feb 19, 2003 6:27:05 PM US/Pacific
To: Justin Winokur Grace <justin AT>
Subject: Re: Please read

No, im sayin, would u add me 2 ur favorites and look at my diary when i update? Cuz i aint gonna add u unless u add me, and im not forcing u, but only ppl's diaries i look at look at yea...

From: Justin Winokur Grace <justin AT>
Date: Thu Feb 20, 2003 9:25:47 AM US/Pacific
To: <>
Subject: Re: Please read

That is like asking someone to add you to their will -- rude and sort of assuming. If they liked your diary, it would have been added to their faves page already. So, in this case it sounds like you are asking me for free advertising or something, or for me to endorse something which I don't actually read and never will. [I don't like reading online diaries -- they are boring and never have enough pictures.]

My favorite part is that you didn't actually include a link to your diary in your emails. That means that I am supposed to add a link to a page that I don't even know the name or address of. Uh, hello?

Seems to me like you are sniffing glue, dude. I mean, let's consider the facts:

1) You ask me to link to a page but don't give me the URL.
2) You ask me to say I like a page which I have never even seen before.
3) I don't even know you -- you never even gave me your name.
4) You didn't even say please or be courteous or introduce yourself as one would with a stranger.
5) You don't even know how to spell or capitalize properly. Why would I endorse someone who seems only questionably literate?

If we consider the facts, it makes you look either discourteous or simply out of touch with reality. I suppose you just didn't know any better. But, now you do.

Best of luck with your self promotion,


From: ~CuTe -n- AdOrAbLe~ <>
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003 1:25:29 PM US/Pacific
To: Justin Winokur Grace <justin AT>
Subject: Re: Please read

Sniffin glue? How'd u guess, white boy? Take a look at the email address cock sucker...i aint no good girl. Dont expect me 2 me. I wuz gonna give u my URL if u agreed 2 add me. And u said we dunno eachother, well no shit piss hole, thats what readin eachothers diaries would help us 2 do. Grow the fuck up. N u wanna diss on the way i type? Welcome 2 the lil thing called ghetto fucker ... its so very clear ur 1 of those good boys who freak out when they a 99 on a test. Ur 1 of those ppl every1 wants 2 kill. Ur time will come homo, ur time will come. Until then suck as much dick as possible and live life 2 the fulliest. Peace.

Our school systems have failed. Intellectual collapse is all about us. Welcome to America, living la vida ~CuTe -n- AdOrAbLe~.