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2003-02-25 12:15 p.m.

Wow. A song that my band Spitkiss wrote is the theme song for the new Mercedes Benz C230 Sport Sedan TV commercial! Whoa. It's amazing when I think about it. I mean, it is not like every day I get to have my music on national TV commercials. Well, that is until now.

I don't have a TV, though. So, I haven't even seen it yet. And this makes the whole thing seem sort of unreal. I almost can not wrap my mind around it since I have not yet experienced it. Hopefully someone will videotape it for me, or—even better—make a QuickTime movie of it and post it.

So many exciting things are happening with music right now—it is almost overwhelming. Actually, forget "almost". It is overwhelming. What a ride!

I am not sure what happened yesterday. It was like the day for people sending me brilliant email! This one was pretty good, too. He was writing about this entry of mine.

From: Jim Gulledge <>
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003 2:33:34 PM US/Pacific
To: justin AT
Subject: Wet Nuts

You might try thinking outside your obviously very small box, and, instead of jumping to a very stupid conclusion, and find out what a thing is before you say totally inaccurate things about it in an extremely gross manner.

Wet Nuts are (usually) chopped walnuts in simple syrup or maple syrup and are used as a topping for ice cream dishes (I refer you to the menu in your diary). They are common in the eastern part of the U.S., where people have a little more sense than you.

From: Justin Winokur Grace <justin AT>
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:18:21 AM US/Pacific
Subject: Re: Wet nuts


Oh my god! Thanks for explaining this to me! Whew, I feel so much better! Judging by your excellent knowledge, you must be a full–blown professor. Hooray for learning!

I used to think that hundreds and sometimes thousands visited my site daily because they like to laugh and read things which are funny, entertaining, or interesting. But, I am so glad that you have seen through it all and brought this to my attention! My site is not funny! It is not ironic! There is no sarcasm on my web site! Nothing I write is intended as humor, no! The real truth is that I am actually misinformed! I am glad to know that you can see beyond the fašade! And——more than anything——my soul is free to soar on clouds of freedom and joy now that you have taken the time to show me the error(s) of my ways!

I am going to go quit writing for personal enjoyment immediately, since I now see that writing about things which make me laugh and possibly bring joy to others is actually pointless. Instead, from now on I will only quote factual sources such dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias, and you.

Glad to be put in my place,


PS: I don't even like nuts much, but I remember the wet nuts I had in Italy were really good, but that is to be expected.