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2003-06-23 11:32 a.m.

I am sitting in the passenger seat of the RV on the side of a road near a bank in downtown Sebastopol. I have six hours until the next place I need to be and I am trying to figure out what to do with my day. And, I am not having much luck with it.

See, there are so many things to do. I could go to the beach or the Russian River. I could walk a block to the movie theater. I could go get a pizza and an iced tea and sit and enjoy it. I could sit on the street and watch the people. I could go to Santa Rosa or Monte Rio or Guerneville or who knows where else. The problem is that there are so many choices, and the choices have almost paralyzed me. I sit stunned and indecisive. In the end, what if I stupidly do nothing and lose my chances to do any of the above?

God bless America: I am finally a homeowner.

See, it's about gambling. With any thing you choose to do there is a bit of gamble. Will this be the best choice, the most fun or fulfilling way to spend my day. One side of me thinks that anything I do will be great, as long as my attitude is positive. And, the other side of me wants to use the information I have to make an educated guess towards the "right" thing.

But, there is no right thing; there is no right place. Except for wherever I am and whatever I am doing. I guess I better get out of the RV and get to it.

Ok, I decided to walk to the movie theater and see what was going down. I like to go to the movies alone, it feels like treating myself to something special—like ordering two desserts after a meal just because. The only films showing were either: 1) terrible, or, 2) scheduled by a team of professionals to be at the exact wrong times, such as in the past or not until many hours in the future.

Two friends.

So I walked around and took some pictures. I took pictures of some engines that were just sitting out in an empty parking lot. I took pictures of a tree, some signs, letters on the sidewalk. I feel like my photos aren't very interesting lately, but maybe it is because I am not taking enough—not practicing.


Thank God for Zack Stewart's immortal and wise words: It's funny because it is a penis.

I ate pizza every day for the last two days—sometimes more than once a day—so I figured I better not stop now. I walked over to Round Table and ordered some food and took some pictures.

The wall outside Round Table Pizza in Sebastopol.

The ceiling of Round Table. Subtle.