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I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, I have VERY GOOD NEWS. My new album "Thirteen Songs About Love" is done! The CDs arrived a few weeks ago, and I have started shipping them out. If you haven't ordered it yet, now is the time! Also, there is a limited supply of signed, numbered CDs for sale on my web site. Click here to get one. I've also set my site up so that you can buy MP3 downloads of songs from the album for only $0.99 each!

My US Tour is almost complete—I will be back in San Francisco in less than two weeks! So, thank you to all the wonderful people who have let me into their lives during the last nine months!

If you believe in what I am doing and want to help support me, please do so! Check out my web site or email me for more information!

US Tour Day 236 Part 2: Update On My Life

I haven't written in a while. I guess I just haven't been excited about writing. Or, more than that it's that I've been excited about the other facets of my life. For example, I've been rushing around to prepare for my upcoming photo exhibition in Washington, DC. Seven of my new photographs will be on display at the Warehouse Gallery in Washington, DC from May 21 until June 14 at their annual Art Romp.

So, there were the days filled with color correcting and printing. Then there was endless matting and framing. Then there is the part where I write up the copy that goes on the placards next to each photo. Then there is the printing, the sending of materials to the gallery, and correspondence to keep in touch. It's so much work.

Another big thing in my life is that the CDs of my album have finally arrived. After almost two years since I first stepped into the studio, the album Thirteen Songs About Love is complete. While most of the units are still in California, I had one box express mailed out to my drop point in Connecticut so that I could start fulfilling orders that had been stacking up in the previous months. The first 250 CDs are signed and numbered, so that is a lot of work—opening each one, signing, numbering. The numbering process is very complicated because one must take care to not repeat serial numbers and to keep track of where each unique serial number goes to. So, I've made a database that tracks where each of the signed, numbered versions ends up. It's a lot of work, but that's what it takes.

I've also been serializing my photos and setting up databases that track where each instance of a piece of art is on display in the country.

I'm in the process of submitting a group of my photos to a few curators that work in the hospital industry. Their job is to place visual art in hospitals—especially art that is "profound or promotes healing." I would love to think that anything I do in my life would be even the tiniest bit of either of those things. Maybe by the day I leave this world I can say that I have achieved this. But, in the meantime I'm sending samples of my photos anyways.

Art seems to be much more business than it is creativity for me these days. But, I guess that's OK considering that I spent the last few years focusing on only the art portion. Plus, I enjoy the business part of it all. In fact, I am downright excited by it. I see each little task as a challenge—something which I must come up with a creative, efficient solution for.

Hopefully I will be able to generate a useful income from these efforts soon. As my trip around the country winds to a close I must begin the the process of relocating back to San Francisco—and that's going to take some substantial amounts of money.

And, soon I must make the transition from a nomadic life back to a semi–settled one. I can't even imagine what this change would look like. When I return home in September I will have been gone a year. I have almost forgotten what it is like to have a place I can call my own, a closet, a familiar bed, or toiletries that don't need to be packed into a little bag every morning.