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I haven't written in so long. First there was working at a summer camp for six weeks—seventeen hour work days every day. Where's the time to write when there isn't even time to shower or get a good night's rest? Then came Burning Man. I spent some time documenting life while there, but it was in the world of photography and not writing.

Writing. It's been so long that it almost feels like an ex–girlfriend from many years ago. The kiss and the touch and the scent of her neck is so familiar, yet I wonder what has changed since last we touched.

But, why talk about writing when I could simply write, right?

I'm in Los Angeles right now at Glenn Campbell's studio. I rushed down here to work with him color correcting and printing a huge collection of images for a show I have going up next week. So far we've printed 19 of my large 13" X 19" prints, and I have to say that they look breathtaking at that size. I really hope I sell more of them at this show, because the printing and framing costs are gang–raping me, and not in the good way.

So, after a long day of printing, Jessika and I went out to an art opening in Los Angeles. The collection was a bunch of black and white prints of a naked woman's butt in various places around the world. The work was pretty cliche—grainy, high speed film, standard black and white compositions, and a pretty naked girl. But, I had to really respect anyone who decided to spend months—even years—of their life pursuing a burning love of ass photography.

I think that would make a great major in college—ass photography.

After the art show Jessika and I went for some fantastic Japanese food. Jill, Glenn's roommate, met us there. She produces the Dr. Phil show and was exhausted after a long day of work. But, I managed to convince her that spending a few hours with me was more fun than feeding her cat and sleeping. Jill's a hoot. She's charming and social and outgoing. And, she from Austin so her vocabulary is bubbling with Texisms.

"I'm fixin' to go talk with that guy. What do y'all think about that?" I'll just giggle and giggle and respond, "Dude, you said fixin' and y'all in the same sentence!"

It just makes me miss Austin even more than I already do.

Alright. Enough of these shenanigans. Time for sleeping. I have to get my rest so I can get up and finish my photo printing tomorrow.