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I spent the day with my old friend Olivia. I was in love with her seven years ago. Her charm and sense of humor knocked me on her ass when I met her. My girlfriend at the time wasn't pleased. She forbade us from hanging out. Those days are long gone and now I get to hang out with whomever I please—much better. It had been a long time, and I was excited to see what she was like now.

It turned out that Olivia was just as fun and happy to pleasing to be around as I remembered—possibly much more so.

I wasn't sure what we should do together, so I invented a game. The point of the game would be for both of us to learn something about ourselves and one another. And, I wanted us to be doing something creative. I came up with a plan. We'd each make a list of ten words we used to describe ourselves. Then, we'd give our list to the other person. The goal of the day would be to use the camera to try to capture a photo of the other person acting out the words on the list. The first person to get a photo of all the words would be the winner. I knew it was unlikely for us to actually finish the game. But, I figured it would be a fun way to catch up after so many years of not seeing one another.

So, we walked around Falun and talked and took photos.



I also tried to teach Olivia some ideas about composition, seeing as she wasn't really a photographer at all. In order to do this, I suggested we both try to photograph the same object. Then we could observe how two different minds shoot the same thing so differently.

I asked her to take a picture of this scooter in front of a grocery store.

This is my photo of the same scooter.



I don't remember which of my traits this was supposed to be. All I remember was that she made me take off my shirt and lay in the bushes in this outdoor cafe downtown.

We sat in a cafe near a river and had wine. In order to be a properly terrible American I put a sugar cube in mine and drank it with a straw. Ah, the things I do to indulge my stupid sense of comedy!

Inside the cafe I found the most perverted and awesome toilet ever. It had these fold–down arms with handles the size of nice, meaty cocks. It was like a group of NASA scientists got together to create the ultimate contraption—a mix between a handicapped toilet, exercise equipment, and sex machinery. I couldn't find the button that dispensed the lube or the lever that started the vibrating functions, but at least it flushed properly!

Falun is a beautiful city!



The day was perfect. The game was great. We had a fun time and we both learned more than a few things. I didn't want the day to end. But, that's the best kind of string of moments—the kind that you wish wouldn't end.