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This the giant stage I played at for the last show of my tour.

The tour ended with a bang. I got to share the stage with some amazing musicians as we played the GIANT Malmö Festival. It wasn't the biggest stage I played on this summer. But, it was the best one. Why? Because I was playing at the Junk Musik showcase. This meant I got to play with people I really like—Brainpool, Monkeystrike, Sandy Mouche, Metro Jets. And, best of all, Brainpool would be my backup band! It was a dream come true, to say the least.

Christoffer Lundquist from Brainpool, as the performed an amazing rendition of the song Junk from their latest album.

Watching Brainpool play was magical—they all were like 20 year old kids when they hit the stage. The band I fell in love with years ago is still there. In fact, they're so much better now. Sandy Mouche really owned the crowd. Christoffer always told me that their singer Helene was amazing and a genius. She did great work singing on my last album, for sure. But, seeing her live changed my thoughts. She truly is a musical genius. Her presence was enormous—I'd never seen anything like it.

David Birde from Brainpool.

My performance was the best show of my life. The band was perfect, the feel was perfect, and we played the songs just like on the album for the first time ever live. I wished the moment could've gone on for longer. But, soon it was over. And, I went over to the table on the side of the stage where all the artists on the label sat to watch the rest of the artists play their sets.

The last band was Monkeystrike. And, during the final song we all stood behind them, arm in arm, and sang the chorus. I played egg shaker in the mic. It felt like we were one giant family, united by love and music.

After the show the Monkeystrike guitar player thanked me for playing shaker. He said, "You totally made my night with that. It changed the feel and was perfect. Thank you SO MUCH!" I know what he meant. A simple piece of percussion can change everything. I know that my songs would've been terrible that night without David Birde from Brainpool playing shaker on them.

After the show we went to the after party at some club in downtown Malmö. Christoffer beamed the whole night. I'd never seen him so happy and excited before. He just kept grinning ear to ear and saying, "That was SO FUN!"

It was a beautiful end to a long, difficult three months.