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The Flight To Sweden: Part 2

This flight isn't so bad! I started talking with this hip looking tattoo rock guy and everything took off from there. Turns out he's the guitar player for Seether. I knew I had heard of them, but didn't remember from where. He let me hear a song on his MP3 player (which wasn't an iPod because he'd dropped his iPod into the toilet on accident) and I instantly recognized the singer's voice. Seether is funny. You see, I am trying to make this super artsy faggy music that is all about expression. I have almost entirely eschewed all semblances of rockdom. Yet, when I listen to Pat's tunes it's like a brick to the face, oh yeah, rock bands can be really really good and they can ignite a fire within millions of voting Americans. Fucking eh.

We shared music (he played me the single they're going to release in the US soon) and we swapped music stories (shop talk). I felt really relieved after chit chatting with someone who has been rowing down the same river as me for years. Big sigh, yo. It's like the universe is winking at me when similarly aligned people are Fedexed my way.

Anyhooo, Pat said I can come to the Seether show in Stockholm, but I don't know if I can get back to Stockholm from Falun. We'll see.

Airlines want you to be fat and happy. I have proof. Since I left I have been fed no less than eighty bazillion meals—all of them excellent and French, and keep in mind that French airline food is the French food of airline food, if you know what I mean. And, the've also fed me drinks. Lots of drinks. The perfect––faced steward asked me if I would like a drink. I asked him if I could get a vodka and diet cola—no make that two. Minutes later two dwarf bottles of Skyy vodka appeared on my tray table which was not in the fully upright position.

Ok fine. Maybe flying is fun. Actually, no. Flying isn't fun. There are tons of people around me that are flying and they aren't having any fun right now. It's not thing itself that is fun. The point is that anything can be fun if you're willing to make it be fun, And I, my friend, have a short attention span and a hedonistic yearning that makes the Grand Canyon seem like a sliver—I'm dedicated to the cause.