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A hard morning at the studio.

Woke up feeling like death. Mornings can feel so very grim. The transition from wake to sleep is a peaceful feeling. Yet, the gravity of sleep—the fantastic inertia of a body at rest—is heartbreakingly painful to pull out of. And to think—I go through this terrible break-up every morning of my life!

I should probably just go to bed earlier. But, it's hard for me fall asleep these days. And, last night Jens was here at the little cottage with me. I don't see him very much—what with him living in Sweden and all. So, of course I want to skip sleeping and stay up late talking whenever we're together. Last night was no exception.

At about 1 AM we drove down the dirt road to our little cottage—dubbed Gubben's Hus. In Swedish it means The Old Man's House. The old man in this case was Assar Olsson. He was born in about 1910. He lived his entire life—and died—in that little house. He had no living relatives when he died. So, when Christoffer bought the house he also inherited all the man's kitschy old furnishings. So, Gubben's Hus is horribly tacky—ugly chairs and tables and earth-tone paintings of naked women everywhere. I always look forward to my stays there as a cultural experience.

One of the paintings at Gubben's Hus.

I made Jens some food and we stayed up chatting about the state of health care in our own countries—the USA and Sweden. Simply: Sweden medical system kicks the ass of the USA. But, then again most other first world countries make us look pathetic, as well. I was left jealous and disappointed. I haven't had health care in years. Neither have most of my friends. When you're an artist or musician, the only person really looking out for you is yourself.

Man, I sure wish I lived in a place where every single person could get health care no matter what. After being in Sweden off and on for about ten years, I know one thing: Anyone that thinks socialism is lame has probably never actually experienced it.

But, enough of that. Politics is such a dull and BORING thing to go on and on about. The point is that Jens and I stayed up way too late. I didn't fall asleep until 5:15 AM. Ugh. I can't keep doing this for too much longer. I need to be sharp, healthy, and awake in order to sing well and play guitar well.

And, I need to do my guitar tracks for really challenging insane guitar songs today and tomorrow. Ugh. I think the real issue is that I just need to write guitar parts I can actually play. I write these crazy chord changes and licks that I can only sorta play—even on a really good day. I mean, I with the really nutty runs and changes I can hit most of the notes almost all the time. But, never before have I played these parts and hit every single note during the same take.

Gotta stay positive, though! Today might just be my day to nail all the takes!

Also, I've decided that Tommy Roe's song Dizzy is the best song ever. I must have listened to it 12 times last night as I lay in bed trying to sleep. See, Christoffer wanted us to have three different keys in "Song to Fall In Love To In The Summertime." I thought the idea was silly.

That's when he brought our the big guns and played me Dizzy. Holy moses. The song's key changes faster than my attention span! And, it sounded smooth and poppy and catchy and perfect—not arty and technical and pretentious. So, he'd proved his point. I agreed to his suggestion for the extra key changes in my song. I can't wait to hear it when it's all done!