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2006-10-22 10:38 p.m.

I'm starting to work with Michael again. He's a great guy and an amazing life coach. He's helped me through many of my projects in the last few years. He wrote an email to me this evening, and was really happy with my response to him. I decided to include portions of it here:

From: Michael Vavricek
Subject: reflection on "fulfillment"
Date: October 22, 2006 9:14:58 PM PDT
To: Justin Winokur


Here are few questions to ask yourself. Course I'd love to read any answers you send me...

You want fulfillment in a few areas of your life - a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires

First we figure out your true desires:

We could do a discovery process, but I think you know what you want (I think... or you think you know what you want or..?) What are the details? What's the long and short of it?

It seems like I want so many things. I want my book to get published by someone that's not me. I want my next CD to come out and have people that aren't me use it to make them—and me—enough money to live off of.

I want to be living off my passive income within five years. I want this income to come from royalties on music, income from stock investments, and income from real estate investments.

I want to live up to the greatness that my friends and family keep telling me I should be living up to. I keep discovering little bits of me that feel like I don't deserve success at the level I dream of. I want to move past this, and on to that level of success—and beyond.

But, the thing I've realized is that I have an inherent belief that I'm not worthy unless I do lots of stuff, finish projects, create things, and so on. However, this isn't a very good way to think. (Although it's a great motivating factor, and probably one of the most important ingredients to any success I've had so far.)

Wouldn't it be better for me to believe I'm worthy as I am—right out of the box?

But, I'm scared that if I believe that then I'll stop being motivated to do so many things. What will happen to my projects?

Current projects:

  • Finish the short movie project I'm working on. It's based on the song Just Go Out With Me, from my last album.

  • Finish my book about my blog trip around the USA. (This means writing a few more pages then having Rico Gagliano write the foreword.)

  • Put on world premiere of Brainpool's rock opera, "Junk." (Currently the main issue here is to find a musical theater producer with experience and interest in new works development.)

  • Release my forthcoming album.

  • Buy an 8-10 unit rental property with my friend Anna.

  • Invest in my first stocks. (I'm currently researching this.)

  • Keep my inbox under control. This means never more than 20 messages in it. Right now I have 84. This is way down from the 400 it was at a few weeks ago. But, it's still too much. I want my email inbox to no longer be a source of anxiety.

  • Play concerts around California. I should start right here in my area!

  • Infiltrate radio. My album is good. I should have it in the hands of program directors of California radio stations. And, they should be playing it.

  • I want a bigger art show. Maybe like a public gallery this time. The last one in LA was pretty great. Now I want something better. I'm thinking bigger—more press, more people, more sales, and bigger art.

There probably isn't enough time in one life to do all these things. But, I'm prepared to die trying. Might as well die doing something fun.

He wrote more—asking me more questions. I haven't had time to answer them all yet. But, I can't wait to see what else I'll write. This is exciting!