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I almost always find lots of time to update my blog when I'm on a plane. But, this time I didn't. I'm reading this great book in Swedish called Broderna Lejonhjärta and I can't put it down.

And, I've taken to writing in my paper diary again. I found this old one I bought when I was sixteen. I remember I was at a mall off I-10 between LA and San Bernardino. I was down there getting ready to go on tour playing guitar for this band called Mortal. We stopped in the mall and I picked up this tacky diary. It's got a deep British racing green velvet cover with swirls embossed in it. It's the kind of thing that seemed lush and gorgeous to me then. My tastes have changed in the last 15 years. Now I find it lies somewhere between tacky pre-adolescent girl and tacky scrapbook fiend grandmother.

So, basically my rekindled love affair with my shitty paper diary is taking time away from my relationship with my online one.

And, I've been writing online for almost seven years now. I'm kind of tired of it.

Part of me wonders what there is to say that I haven't already said. And, how many more pictures of me eating something hilarious that makes me feel bad later do I really need to post online?

I keep hoping that I'll organically get re-inspired to write online more often. And, then I'd naturally ramp up to my old amount of writing.

It's just that it hasn't happened yet.

And, I've been so busy doing things I've never done before. It's like, I guess I could write in my blog. Or, I could be out raising money for the rock opera I'm executive producing. Or riding my shiny red 1971 Schwinn.

I love to feel the wind in my hair when I ride my bike. I feel sad for children that must wear helmets. Helmets neuter the best part of the biking experience: the feeling of wind whipping through your hair. It's the same reason I drive a convertible.

Although, driving a car with a helmet on is actually quite fun. This is probably because it's illegal.

If you have a helmet, I highly recommend you put it on and drive around in your car for a while. You can't use a bike helmet to get the full experience. You need to have a motorcycle style helmet to really feel like you're a renegade race car driver. Driving a car with a bike helmet on will just make you feel (and look) like an idiot.

If the police pull you over during any of these helmet experiments, explain to them you were just trying to be safe, officer.

When I was eighteen I had this 70's sparkly gold motorcycle helmet I liked to wear when I drove my 1984 Toyota Cressida. I also had a full-body racing outfit with reflective stripes up and down it. The helmet and the suit looked terrible and hodge-podged, which I thought was hilarious. I remember feeling really sad I never got pulled over while wearing it.

I arrive in Copenhagen soon. Now: sleeping.