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2001-10-09 12:15 a.m.

Andie and I flew to LA over the weekend to see Sigur Ros play, since seeing them for $40 at the Warfield was not good enough for us. We needed to pay $150 per ticket to see them front row center in LA, which meant we also got to fly on an airplane and rent a car. And eat out a lot. And buy some clothes. And go to see some art. And eat out more. And buy expensive, strange Japanese alcohol.

Flying on the airplane was kinda cool. Security was STRICT like crazy, but all in all it was just like normal. Flying Southwest is always lame, so that was the same. I asked the stewardess if they had any cookies and she said no. I asked her if she had any crack and she didn't respond. It was as if her brain could not comprehend what it heard, so it just dismissed it as noise. Funny how people do this all the time.

LA is such a neat place. It seems like EVERYBODY there is in the entertainment industry. And, I am not just talking about the "cool" people, but really everybody. You could be just hanging out at any house, and you can be sure that everyone in the room is an Emmy Nominee or is Courtney Love or something.

While hanging out with Tim Walker at Theory Labs, we met this COOL guy named Ted Sullivan who is a perfect example of a normal guy who turns out to be an Emmy nominee. He wrote for One Life to Live and As the World Turns, if I remember correctly. Now, that stuff turned out to be the BORING stuff about Ted. What made Ted amazing was that he was a wealth of knowledge regarding sick and unusual sexual positions. He taught us about the Donkey Punch, the Steamer, the Dirty Sanchez, the Hot Carl, the Lucky Pierre, the Snow Plow...there must have been others, but I have forgotten. It is like taking an accelerated course - you are bound to forget a few things since there is so much to learn.

We ate lunch at Tommy Tang's in Holywood the next day, and not only do they have transvestite/gay hosts and waitresses and such, but there was a very cool billboard above Andie as we ate.

The Sigur Ros show turned out to be amazing. Front row seats are the way to go, seriously. The singer sang with more passion than I have ever experienced. Words seemed to pour out of him like a weeping waterfall of sadness that reached through his soul to the hearts of broken angels. The kinda bad thing was that they played for two hours but only played three songs I had heard before. I hate when bands do that. Get the memo, people, nobody wants to hear your dumb new material until it is old material that they know the words to. And, they did not even play an encore - they only came out again and waved and bowed. What is wrong with Icelandic people?