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2003-08-14 4:14 p.m.

I just had lunch with Michelle Grenier. Being around her brings all the growth and enlightenment of a religious experience, except without all that annoying religion part. And it came at just the right time.

I came to work feeling depressed, lost at sea—like I was sleeping under a think summer–weight sheet of malaise. [I don't get too depressed, an actual winter weight blanket of malaise would be much to heavy for me.] So, as I was saying, back to the part about the malaise sheet. I came to work and I felt bad—I have been been unhappy with how I am spending my life, feeling like something needs to change but without a clear sense of what things or in which order. Then I had a long lunch—hours of constant, brilliant interchange—with Michelle and now I feel revitalized, open, more loving, and more on track. Her words were so right—tailor made for me like my own skin.

I had been asking questions about my life for a while now: Is this what I want? What do I want? Why? What is the best use of my gifts in this world? How can I best help and affect the most lives on earth? How can I spread the most love? Should I change my situation, or is it enough to change my attitude?

But conversations with myself and others just weren't yielding the answers I sought. It was like I had been trying to call heaven on the phone for weeks and always kept getting the busy signal, but this time the angels just picked up the phone and talked with me as if I was their best friend and they had been dying to tell me all sorts of things I wanted to know as well as some things I hadn't even thought to ask about.

Only instead of angels they were Michelle, who is quite angelic as it is, only she is more sharply dressed and has memorized pi to five hundred digits.

Hooray for having wonderful friends, and hooray for searching for answers to hard questions!