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2003-11-01 2:36 p.m.

US Tour: Interlude Summary

Here's the short update. I flew home to move out of the house where I used to live with the woman I'm still in love with and thought I would be spending a large portion of my life with. If it sounds sad, let me tell you—it was. I moved all my things into a dismal, cramped, cave of a storage space in San Jose. It took four trips in my mom's pickup truck. I should have rented a big moving truck, but I didn't. So, instead of it taking only one or two days to move, it took me five.

During the five long and incredibly un–fun days it took me to move I didn't write at all. I was too busy putting all my worldly possessions into boxes and making meticulous lists of every single item I put in each box. Oh, and there was the driving and carrying boxes and driving some more. Lots of driving, so much driving.

And there was lots of crying. Laying in bed next to Andie I felt someone had replaced my face with a waterfall, hundreds of millions of gallons of tears, tumbling, tearing, tee–tottering. It felt good to cry, in that this feels horrible sort of way.

Quite abruptly, I left San Francisco—which I almost, but only almost, had time top acclimate myself to—and flew back to Austin. My car was waiting for me in the capital city of the biggest state of the union, under a tree in the front yard of someone's house on the south side of town. My friend Epiphany said it would be best to leave it there for safe keeping. Everything I owned which wasn't in a storage space or in my little backpack was in my tiny, red home on wheels in Austin.

The good news is that I made it back OK and my car was OK and, although my heart was a little weary and bruised, I was pretty much fine.

But, my computer wasn't. The motherboard on my 14" iBook was hosed. Maybe it got jostled around too much in my luggage or in my backpack or something. All I know is that it didn't work anymore.

So, I didn't write for another three days. That makes eight days that I didn't get to write. Now I have a lot of catching up to do.


I'll get to it, but I think I need to rest my head for a bit. For the time being, I'm having tons of fun in Austin, and I plan to stay here through Halloween.