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Baby Tattooville! What a lineup! Luke Chueh, Gary Baseman, Ragnar, Frank Kozik, Bob Self, James Jean, Tim Biskup, Jeffrey Scott, Tara Mcpherson, Gris Grimly, Lola, Jeff Soto, Amanda Visell.

Last weekend I was the event photographer for Baby Tattooville. Lots of great things happened. I got to meet some great artists. I got to see them make art right there in front of my eyes. I got offered a photo gig next summer shooting pics at a Star Wars theme wedding in Portland!

I even got to hang up a tapestry depicting a woman with a penis having sex with a donkey AND take a picture of Kathleen with said tapestry.

But, I think the best part of my weekend was when I got to get slapped in the face by Tara Mcpherson. I explained this to Claire, and she said, "It sounds like a ride at Disneyland, only better." We discussed this at great length and decided if it were a ride at Disneyland it would be named The Tara Mcpherson Slap Experience. (I suggested other names, including The Tara Mcpherson Slapfest. I also thought of The Justin Winokur Slap Experience, but Claire explained, "Not everything is about you, Justin.")

See, it started late Saturday night when I saw the video of Gary slapping Tim on Tim's little Leika camera. I told them that I was jealous—I wanted to be in a slap fight, too. So, Tim asked Tara if she and I could have a slap fight.

Does he look like the slapping sort of guy? The answer: YES.

What did Tim do to deserve to be slapped by a BAD, BAD man such as Gary? Probably something fucking AWESOME.

Anyways, Tara said yes. What a good sport! But, there was a caveat. It was originally supposed to be a proper slap fight between the two of us. But, she admitted that she would rather just slap me in the face and not have me slap her at all. Sure. Fine with me. I mean, I was just going to go back to my hotel room and edit photos, so why should I complain about any proposed ventures. I was down with anything interesting and new.

Now, I'm not really into being slapped. But, it was an interesting, fresh experience. It hurt. I felt my brain rattle in my head in a way that can't be good for me. I had a headache afterwards, and my entire body felt tingly and energized in the same way you feel after a piercing or cars collide right in front of you.

Consensual face slapping may have been the last bastion of virginity I had left, and I gave it away to some painter I'd only met the day before.

I can try to explain it more, but I think the video says it all.