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2001-11-08 11:01 a.m.

What a beautiful morning it was. The sun was shining and the air was so warm. The top had to come off the car for the drive to work. Taking the top off the car is one of the little things I do that makes my days different, special, beautiful.

My car doesn't have an antenna. I took it off. Who needs a radio? The radio is for retards who think Limp Bizkit, Phil Collins, talk radio, "R&B", stupid spoon–fed music, and commercials are adequate substitutes for Swedish pop–punk and Weezer! I use my iBook to play mp3 files into the tape player through one of those funky adapter thingies, instead.

BUT NO! Unfortunately my iBook was acting up on the way to work today, so iTunes would not play MP3s into my stereo. No tunes. So, I decided to take some photos of what it looks like as I drive to work.

I see a lot of this, mostly. As you can see, washing my windows is not very high on my priority list. They are just going to get dirty again — why bother?

If I look to my right it looks like this for a while.

And if I hold my breath and count to fifty, then it looks like this.

And if I sniff paint and hold my breath and count to fifty, then it looks like this.

Sometimes I get distracted by stupid things and forget to notice how beautiful everything is.

Here I am, stupidly not appreciating the lovely day, and instead probably thinking about getting gas or not crashing or how many gallons of iced tea I will drink today. Oh, and cookies.

This is what it looks like to my left. Can you see the cool satellite dish off in the distance? That is where the aliens transmit secret iced tea information to me so I know how much and what kind of iced tea to drink each day.

And this is what up looks like today.

There is this really cool buidling across from my job. I never noticed how cool it was until today. It looks like a painting when the morning light washes over it.

If you thought people hated drivers who talked on their phones while driving, then you need to see how they freak out when you take out a camera and try to drive. People go nuts! They passed me!h They drove three lanes away! Seriously, as soon as people saw the camera, they all got out from behind me and sped away as fast as possible. It was kinda cool, in a dangerous sort of way. I felt about as popular as anthrax.

I somehow made it to work without crashing or dying or getting arrested for reckless driving. If I made you crash and die, I seriously apologize. It was SO not on purpose.

Ah, my car. Safe and sound in the parking lot.