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2002-06-17 10:16 p.m.


On Sunday, June 8th at about 12:00 PM, Andie, Tollef, and I began a dangerous and challenging contest. We decided to see who could go the longest without bathing.

Say goodbye to these things! Prepare for hardcore XXX filth!

In order to maintain clarity and prevent cheating we came up with some rules:


• Washing up in a sink
• Washing with wet wipes, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper
• Sponge–bathing in a sink
• Washing hair in the sink
• Washing face, hands, feet, or individual body parts in the sink
• Getting wet for fun, such as swimming, wading, hot–tubbing, surfing, water–sliding, water balloon fights, canoeing, etc., as long as there is no intention of bathing and cleanliness.


• Taking a shower
• Taking a bath
• Using soap and other cleaning items to wash off while partially submerged in any large body of water such as a river, pool, lake, stream, bathtub, or puddle.
• Using soap and other cleaning items to wash off while located under a stream, spray, downpour, or deluge of any sort. This includes showers, waterfalls, rain, garden hoses, broken fire hydrants, sprinklers, etc.

The real enemy!

Clearly the point is not to avoid water but rather to avoid intentional, full–body acts of cleanliness.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Here is the progress of the contenders so far:

Tollef: For shame. Set sights for failure: he lasted only one day.

Andie: Before we started, she made a big deal claiming that she could go for an entire month without bathing. And what happend? She wimped out after a paltry two days. Read about her depressing display of cowardice and failure here.

Justin: As of right now, it has been 8.5 days since my last official full–body cleaning took place. During the last 8.5 days I have not only avoided bathing and showering, but I have also kept acts of personal hygiene to an absolute minimum. Here is a record of my washing from the last 8.5 days:

• Washed hands numerous times
• Wore the same socks four days in a row
• Washed crotch, butt, and surrounding area numerous times in the sink
• Washed face three times
• Washed hair in the sink at work once
• Washed hair in the sink at home once

I have not been writing much about the contest because not only did I win within the first two days, but also because the effects have not been particularly out of the ordinary for me—what is there to write about, really? I hardly bathe anyway, so this is not very different. I don't really smell yet, and I am only just beginning to notice some oiliness on my back and shoulders. My feet could really use a good scrubbing, though. Wearing the same socks every day for four days was not a good idea. I have been careful to change my socks every day since then.

I will post more details and pictures as they become interesting and available.