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2003-01-29 2:27 p.m.

I went with my mom to Whole Foods during my lunch break today.

The best thing about Whole Foods is taking a huge chocolate chip cookie from the bins and then eating it as you walk around. The second best thing is that there is an endless supply of pills and strange liquids in droppers. The combination of countless bottles and crystals and tinctures and health food makes the store feel like a mix between an ancient apothecary, an alchemist's workshop, and a hangout place for yuppies?gone?hippie and hippies?gone?yuppie.

Oh, the other best thing about being there is that I almost always seem to run into someone I know. I have bumped into Irv Mott?an old Opcode co?worker?on a few occasions. Today I saw Michelle there!

It is always great to see Michelle: She gives hearty hugs and asks great questions. On top of that, she has an innate was of making me feel special. She asks about my life, brings up memories of times we spent together, and gets excited about my endeavors.

I had good intentions to write about last weekends trip to LA today, but I have been too busy. I edited the images, though, and plan to post that stuff soon.

In other news, I am all excited about Alex Chiu's recent post in my guestbook. Screw Bon Jovi: ALEX CHIU POSTED IN MY GUESTBOOK. One word: ROCK. I couldn't help myself: I added a banner to his site on my web page.

I bought my airline ticket to Sweden today. Grand total: $666. Hehehehe. I will be flying Scandinavian Air from San Francisco to Copenhagen on March 12, returning March 17. What does this mean? It means that my album is getting very close to completion!

Andie and Boris and I are flying back to LA this weekend to help Julian with some music stuff. I feel like I am never in the same place for more than a few days. I think that may be because I am never in the same place for more than a few days. Go figure.

I have been preparing to take the LSAT February 8. Now, most people prepare for this test by diligently studying previous LSAT tests during the few months before they take the LSAT.

I have my own special study routine, though. I have been preparing by hanging out with friends, reading some light?hearted fiction, and going out to eat every night. Sure, I happened to spend 40 minutes last night working on the Official LSAT Prep Test. But, I think my extensive going out to eat and hanging out with friends experience is what will really help me excel on the LSAT and make me a prime candidate for San Francisco's most elite law schools.