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2003-06-19 4:10 p.m.

I love Adam.

Adam: can we go to donut wheel?

Justin: did you say DOUGHNUTS!!??!?!??!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

Adam: no

Adam: i said donuts

Justin: ah ok

Justin: whew

Justin: dude

Justin: donuts

Justin: man

Justin: I LOVE them

Adam: haha

Justin: I CRAVE them

Justin: it is so unfair

Justin: see, they make me feel ILL

Adam: me too

Adam: i might be ok if i only have one.

Adam: but that is difficult

Justin: but my mouth is like, "Pretend its 1942 and war is everywhere. You are the German general, and you need to pack as many jews as you can into this gas chamber so you can exterminate them...and QUICKLY. So, the Jews are the doughnuts and your mouth is the gaping, inviting gas chamber."

Adam: plus i know how you like a few good jews in your mouth.

Justin: And, it's pretty fucking tough to argue with my mouth when it is telling me that, so I'm like laying my head back with my mouth wide open with a funnel into my throat and just PUSHING donut after glorious donut into me


Justin: in case you had forgotten, I mean *FOREVER*

Justin: like donut bukkake

Adam: and that's a might long time according to prince

Adam: jelly donut bukkake

Justin: just dumping donuts on and into me over and over

Adam: boston cream.

Adam: did you hear the Onion's "Olean" news report?

Justin: using water balloon launchers to project donuts directly into my abdomen

Justin: no!!

Justin: gimme the url

Justin: So, what time will I see you this evening?

Adam: did you hear the violent crap fits?

Adam: 7pm

Adam: expect to vomit rivers of blood

Justin: vomit rivers of blood?

Justin: uh

Justin: whoa

Adam: did you listen to the mp3?

Justin: what mp3?

Adam: the olean mp3

Adam: i gave you the link

Adam: christ, what is wrong with you

Justin: I did not get any link


Adam: you signed off i guess before it got to you

So, I clicked on the link and listened to it. I mean, duh. What else would I do?

Justin: jesus god

Justin: holy penis worshipping

Justin: this is wonderful

Adam: violent crap fits!

Justin: I'm beating off for Jesus!