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2004-09-28 10:59 p.m.


Come to my art reception open house this Friday in Cupertino! Here are the details:

What: Art reception and party where I will have 45 prints on display—including many new pieces. Come hang out, dance, eat, drink, have fun, and buy some art.

When: October 1st from 7 - 11 PM.

Where: Coffee Society. 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 202. Cupertino, CA.

Who: You.

Why: This is a great chance to see my newest fine art, archival prints.

Here is the press release my wonderful press writer sent out:


Online diaries are all the rage. Many people say that they are the new reality television. But, what happens when one person bridges the gap between subject and viewer in the world of reality entertainment?

To some readers Justin Winokur is offensive. Others find his sense of humor and perspective witty, even beautiful. Almost all agree that he is bold. The magnetism and controversy of Justin's images and words have drawn many thousands of people across the United States to become avid daily readers of his online journal and spectators of his exceptional life.

Four years of collected photographs, vignettes and raw prose at generated such fame that, last September, his Silicon Valley computer job was overwhelmed and fired him.

Instead of jumping directly back into the corporate world, Justin decided to do something crazy and turn his online fame around to his advantage. He asked his readers and fans if he could come stay with them all around the United States.

And they said yes.

So, with a beat–up Fiat, a digital camera, and an iBook he started a year–long trek around the United States to drop in on the lives of the people who'd been using his life as entertainment—perfect strangers who'd been reading his writing for years but who he knew nothing about.

He slept in their houses and ate meals with them and had adventures. And, he wrote about it and posted photos on his web site—fueling the momentum of the trip by giving back to the readers.

From September 15 until October 15, fine art prints of Justin's photographs from this strange adventure will be on display and for sale at Coffee Society in Cupertino. His photographs capture the same unique perspective that made his 'blog' famous. Come see this show while you can, as three of the pieces have already been censored and removed by the management. More will surely be pulled from the walls.

A reception party will be held on Friday, October 1 from 7-11 PM at Coffee Society.

Coffee Society. The Oaks Shopping Center. 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014. Contact for more information about the artist.