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I love working with Christoffer Lundquist on albums. He's such a joy to be around, he's excited and creative, he's generous, he's hilarious. I've worked with other producers, but he's my favorite.

Here's an email correspondence between me and him about my forthcoming album.

On Oct 28, 2006, at 2:24 AM, Christoffer Lundquist replied:
> How is the album coming?

It's the perfect blend of hilarious and really beautiful, just as it should be. There's a lot of humour in this album generally which is great.

> Also, should I come over during February? Is there anything for me to work on with you during that time, such as overdubs?

We are pretty much, or even totally, finished with the overdubs. There might be some handclaps or a tambourine here and there, but everything else we finished. That's why I remembered there wasn't so much work left to turned out in order to finish all the overdubs we had to save time somewhere (which makes perfect sense) so there's a couple of string arrangements left to be done. And all the arrangements we did do, both for horns and strings, are musically finished and really nice but in order to get scores for the musicians there was A LOT of work left since I did none of that preparing and pre-scoring editing during the actual arranging. Which I'd normally had done but we saved a lot of time there. And there was a lot of vocal editing left, and a lot of transferring between computer and tape. So that's what I ve been doing this week.

So I had to postpone the string and horn sessions. Also, since there's SO MUCH written for strings and horn I'll need one day for each session. And another day to print all the scores, even though they are now properly edited.

I will book the musicians in february and then immediately continue with the mixing and we'll see how much I can finish in that week.

For this album there will also be more post-production than usual. The runnung order and mastering will be complex.

The mixing also won't be the usual two-three songs a day I guess. Half the songs will take longer mixing.

So this is FUN!

I believe your greatest involvement ahead is the post-production phaze, with all the decisions to be made. And maybe additional snippets to be recorded, etc. There's room for us to be really creative there I think. But I guess we can do that long-distance?


And my reply...


I really appreciate all the thought and effort you're putting into this. It makes it fun and exciting!

I understand the part you wrote about borrowing time. It's obviously going to take much longer than we planned to complete this album. However, I think that it's going to be VERY well worth the wait. This is a very thoughtful, interesting piece of art that has taken on a strange life of its own. It seems like every step is in a different direction than I would have expected. I think it's important to feel OK about that. So, I'm feeling patient and excited.

I'd like to come and hang out during the February sessions, if possible. Do you think having me there would slow the work down? It would be totally frivolous, of course. But, I really regret not coming to master 13 Songs with you. I bet it would've have been boring, of course. But, it's like missing your child's graduation. Sure it's fucking boring, but it's something one would regret missing forever.

Of course, if you think it would be bad for you and the project, then I surely won't bother to come out!

I agree about post production. You know, perhaps I should skip the February trip and just come out for the assembly of the album? I have this feeling that we might want to create some new musical interludes together once we lay the songs out. What do you think of this idea?

I think the only problem with doing editing and additional recording with me there is that we'd have to actually block out many days in a row. And, I imagine that might be inconvenient for you for many reasons. (Such as missing paying work. Also, I know sometimes you like to work on things in håltiderna between other tasks.)

Of course I could do anything remotely. But, there's a magic that occurs when I work there with you. Music become much more like play than work. I haven't found that anywhere else.

I guess we should just see how it goes and discuss it all as we get closer to that point, yes?

Thanks again for the amazing energy you've put into this project. I think I have a much clearer understanding of who I am as an artist because of this project. And, I'm starting to hear my own voice and know what it's like. It's strange and amazingly empowering. I'm not anxious about writing good songs. Instead I'm seeing that my best songs are the strange, simple little things that don't sound like anyone else. It's because they didn't exist before.

Someone at a gig last week said they preferred my songs that sounded more like me. A year ago I wouldn't have known what that even meant.

So, thanks for being a part of that.