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2007-07-26 7:40 PM

I've been teaching photography at the Palo Alto Art Center. I teach kids. I love it.

Today we borrowed a bunch of costumes from one of the other workers here. All the students got to play dress-up.

Some of the kids didn't want to dress up, though. It's like they were worried about looking "cool" or something.

Of course, the ones that were dressing up looked like they were having fifty times more fun than the ones that weren't.

I used to hate wearing costumes when I was a little kid—even as a teenager I didn't like it. It wasn't until I started playing in my band Spitkiss—about13 years ago—that I started to find joy in wearing really stupid stuff.

Now I can't seem to stop. Wearing stupid stuff, that is. I bought a long coat made of swirly old-lady curtains. I got a fake diamond glued to one of my teeth. I picked up some shiny, red Stacy Adams old-man shoes that I can't seem to stop wearing.

I wonder if it has to do with being an only child. There was nobody around most of the time to entertain myself. So I lived in my head and made myself laugh with my silly, strangely-twisted fantasies.

I think it's gotten worse as I've gotten older, too. And more expensive.

There will be lots of expensive, silly dress-up in my immediate future. This weekend we're doing the first round of shoots for my Just Go Out With Me short film!

Itís so rewarding to finally see it all coming together after two years of working on it. Iíve never acted or danced in any video sort of thing before. (Iíve been on TV. But, being on TV doesnít count, I donít think. Plus, on TV I was just talking—nothing too complicated.)

We have this great choreographer thatís going to teach me how to move and dance. I kinda canít wait. I so often feel like I donít have a very connected relationship with this body of mine. Why does it do this or that? How do I make it move? Itís probably rooted in the whole living in my head thing.

So, what do I do about it? Hmmm...