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2003-02-28 11:36 a.m.

Here we see my pH meter back in the good old days before it was broken. (snif!) I shared a lot of good times with my Hanna Instruments pHep3 pH meter. What made the times so good? Well, playing with piss involves touching my penis and splashing around in urine! Enough said!

My pH meter broke last night. This is not good. How am I supposed to check the pH of my urine each time I pee? Sigh. I contacted the manufacturer and they emailed me back and said they would take care of it. I sure hope they hurry! Each time I pee feels wasted when I can't measure the pH.

In other news, my dad came to have lunch with me at work yesterday! It meant so much to me that he drove 1:45 each way just to come and hang out with me for a little over two hours. My dad is one of my favorite people in the world to talk with—I can share just about anything with him. And, he offers such intelligent insight—effortlessly.

I spent a good portion of the morning today talking to an account manager at ASCAP, trying to figure out what to do about the recent Spitkiss song placements. We have Violent Consumption in the Mercedes C230 Sport Sedan TV commercial, and TLF got place in the movie Down Time—which is just being released on DVD by Artisan Entertainment.

When we made these songs, we were only thinking about making music and having fun. So, we have to shift gears now into business mode. Now instead of wondering what we should wear to the next gig, we are thinking about publishing companies and mechanical royalties. The phone call to ASCAP paid off—they gave me all the answers to all my questions. I don't feel as confused as I have been for the last week.

It is easy to be scared of something which you don't understand—what you can not see clearly. Once you understand it, it is brought into the light. The fear lifts like the morning fog dissipates and reveals that today is safe and sound just like the countless other days that came before.

I wasn't that I was necessarily all that scared of the royalties issues before, but I felt overwhelmed because I didn't understand them. But, I decided to treat the situation like the dirty dishes in the sink. Nobody else is dealing with them, so I figured that I better do them.

So I read and read and made lots of phone calls and now it all makes some sense. Welcome to the school of life.